Pan Flutes "Zamfir by Hofmann"

The pan flute collection "Zamfir by Hofmann"

Here you can see our newest collection "Zamfir by Hofmann".

With these panpipes we support the GHEORGHE ZAMFIR INTERNATIONAL MUSIC FOUNDATION. Part of the profit from the sale price goes to the Foundation.

Each panpipe is carefully handcrafted to ensure a beautiful appearance with a warm tone color. The material used to make the panpipes is carefully selected to ensure an excellent sound with outstanding playability and consistent quality of each panpipe.

Each panpipe is unique, engraved with the signature "Zamfir by Hofmann", the signature of Gheorghe Zamfir and a serial number, which makes the panpipe clearly identifiable.

  • Student panflute

    Specially designed for beginners, this student panpipe is perfect for getting started. The weight is low, the shape ergonomic. This allows it to be held optimally. The intonation is precise, the sound first class, as you know it from us. The learning process of the students is thus optimally supported and creativity is encouraged.

    Student panflute
  • Panflute Master Class

    The master panpipe stands for balance and flexibility. The design gives it more color and resonance in sound for greater musical expression. It is perfect for panpipe players who are looking for a versatile panpipe for any type of music.

    Panflute Master Class
  • Panflute Masterclass Excellent

    The Panflute Excellent has a light, fast and precise response. The exceptionally good feel is an experience! The soft and flexible sound with an enormous projection a real treat! You have absolute control with a beautiful sound combined with unbeatable response. This is music making at the highest level.

    Panflute Masterclass Excellent
  • Two variants are available for selection!

    Two designs are available for the master panpipe Excellent. In addition to the standard design, this panpipe is also available with olive wood in combination with Zirikote, a variant of the ebony family.

    The design of this pan flute is based on the idea that the pan flute can be combined very nicely with the watch "Zamfir 80" from Noah-Watch.

    Two variants are available for selection!

A portion of the profits will go to the GHEORGHE ZAMFIR INTERNATIONAL MUSIC FOUNDATION to support the development of the new Pan Flute Academy.

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