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The most exclusive generation in pan flute construction!

With this pan flute model, we have ushered in a new generation of pan flutes.

This pan flute was created under the influence of our many years of experience in combination with countless customer requests. As usual, the pipes are made of bamboo. The evenly arranged fibers ensure optimal vibration behavior. The important conical shape of the bamboo canes is also present.

The special?

It is a panpipe coated with bird's eye maple veneer.

The specialty lies in this coating. This top layer optimizes the vibration behavior of the pipes in such a way that the sound is transformed into a beautiful tone with astonishing emotional expressiveness and almost unbelievable fullness and softness.

The look also embodies exceptional excellence. The carefully selected wood material makes the pan flute a feast for the eyes. The bird's eye maple veneer used ensures a beautiful appearance with warm colors. It is a real pleasure to make music with it.

This model takes quality and performance to a new level. The result is the perfect combination of artistic quality, combined with technical perfection.

Once you have played this pan flute, you will love it! Has there ever been another panpipe with such a clear sound? This pan flute allows a rich variety of colors and feelings to be generated.

We were overwhelmed ourselves! Our impressions were ultimately confirmed by frequency measurements. It was all the more urgent as the author to secure all rights for this type of construction.

This pan flute will naturally convey a wonderfully luminous tone with precise nuances to your listeners.

The many design options!

This wonderful pan flute is also available in other designs with different types of wood to meet your needs.

Through the selection of the woods used, the sound is correspondingly refined and enhances the elegant appearance of your Panpipe-Excellent.

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