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frequently asked Questions

The pan flute with a range from D1-D4

The standard pan flute size is still the alto pan flute with a range of G1-G4.

Anyone who has this pan flute size quickly notices that the low notes are missing and the highest notes are actually very, very, very seldom used.

You shouldn't do without the low notes and take the panpipe from note D1.

In the high tone range, the three highest notes, E4, F4 and G4 can be safely dispensed with.

This brings you to the most common pitch range, from D1-D4.

G major is the standard tuning

G major is best for the pan flute. This has to do with the way you play semitones.

With the pan flute in G major, songs in G major, C major and D major can be played well.

Musicians like to flirt with a pan flute in C major. Then you should consider taking the pan flute from C1-C4.

Regardless of the mood, the pan flute remains a C instrument.

Bamboo is the best material for pan flutes!

Anyone who knows the pan flute world would primarily opt for bamboo. This plant has evenly arranged fibers due to its growth. Grown in a straight line from bottom to top, these fibers ensure optimal vibration behavior.

Bamboo grows conically. The cone is essential for a good pan flute!

If the pan flute is made by a skilled pan flute maker, the bamboo will not tear.

This is a refinement of the bamboo tubes!

Bamboo canes can be refined. There are different possibilities for this:

The "flaming"

The pan flute tubes can be hardened by a heat treatment. This turns the sugar content of the bamboo canes into caramel, which means that the canes become harder and at the same time change their color to dark brown.

The coating:

The pan flute tubes can also be modified in terms of vibration behavior by a coating. With this technique, the pipes are covered with a thin layer of veneer made from precious woods. This allows targeted intervention in certain frequency ranges. At the same time, you have the advantage that the look of the panpipe can be changed into almost limitless designs.

Every connoisseur knows that finishing techniques can influence the vibration behavior of the pipes.

The vibration behavior is decisive for the sound character of the pan flute! In this way, both techniques can be combined and the vibration behavior can be optimized to a previously unknown extent.

Yes there is!

While with the "normal" pan flute the lower notes are on the right side, it is the other way around with so-called "left-handed pan flutes". The names are very different. The correct name is "left-handed pan flute". Some also speak of "counter-clockwise pan flutes".

This has to do with the leading hand:

The majority of people are right-handed. The pan flute is mainly held and controlled by the right hand.

If the low notes were generally on the left side, the left-handers would have a clear advantage. All right-handers would have to laboriously learn to steer with their left hand. If you can control the pan flute with the hand with which it is held, it is much easier to hit the right notes.

Anyone who thinks it would be much easier if the low notes were on the left ... ... are wrong! Let's use the piano as a comparison. If you play the low notes on the piano, your hands move to the left. If the low notes are played on the pan flute, the hands also move to the left.

Online course for pan flute

Panflötenkurs für Einsteiger

Das umfassende Lernkonzept deckt alles für Anfänger ab. Mit diesem Konzept kann man das Panflöte spielen auf unkomplizierte Weise erlernen. Die Erklärungen sind auf das nötigste begrenzt. Somit müssen Sie sich nicht erst mit Fachbegriffen oder ähnlichem auseinandersetzen. Dafür stellen wir gezielt spezielle Kurse bereit. Für Fragen oder zusätzliche Hilfestellungen ist Direktunterricht per Skype im Preis enthalten! Nach Kaufabschluss erhalten Sie sofort Zugang zu allen Inhalten des jeweiligen Kurses.

Danger!! Pan flute copies

Due to current events, we would like to point out that replica Hofmann panpipes are in circulation.

Great care must be taken, even the documents supplied are forged!

Originals are only available from us / our partners or in specialist shops!

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