Pan flutes

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The most important thing when buying a pan flute is that you give the instrument a try. Ideally, this would be possible directly on site, in-house.

However, not every customer has the opportunity to try out a pan flute in our house. This is mostly related to the great distance.

For this reason we offer a 14-day right of return so that you can try out the panpipe in peace. For legal reasons, this is set to 14 days by default. If there is not enough time, the right of return can also be extended. In this case, please contact us.

In addition, we give a lifetime guarantee on our pan flutes. Caring for our customers is our top priority. We are happy to give advice on buying a panpipe.

We are happy to help in person or by phone if there are any questions or uncertainties about the pan flute or playing the pan flute.

Our pan flutes

Our instruments are available in different price ranges. In the following you can read the differences between the instruments, which are made with different amounts of effort.

The different pan flute models

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